Day of the Dead DIY Felt Sugar Skull

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Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is one of my favorite Mexican traditions because it’s a way of keeping my grandparent’s, who have passed, spirits alive! I’ve always celebrated Day of the dead with the kids and taught them as much as I can remember about my grandparents. Dia de los Muertos allows me to have special time to discuss why we should always remember those who have passed and a way to connect my past with my present.

That is why making crafts with my kids is so important. Every year we build a tiny altar dedicated in the corner of our home to my Tatas and Nana! The kids know them as papuchoni’s dad (My dad’s dad) and Grandma’s mom and dad.

This year I got a head start on something a little different but still very hands on. We made felt calaveritas or sugar skulls! These sugar skulls are embellished with simple yet beautiful colors and is a great way to introduce kids to this Mexican tradition! Sugar Skulls are said to have been a sweet offering to those who have passed to celebrate their return. They are used to decorate the altars. Today Sugar Skulls come in various shapes and sizes like these made out of felt.

Make your own Felt Sugar Skulls

-Felt board heart shape
- 6 felt color sheets at least one in white
-Sequin mix in bright colors
-Acrylic jewels in bright colors
-Tacky Glue

All my supplies were purchased at Walmart. I appreciate being able to pick up supplies that are so simple and versatile at my local Walmart. I know that while  specific Mexican home decor for Dia de los muertos isn’t at my reach I can always create my own with my kids for an affordable price. Visit the crafts department at your local Walmart and get inspired this Day of the Dead!

Let’s get started!

1-Sugar Skull base/face Using your heart shaped board as the base. Cut a smaller rounded upside down triangle for the face of your sugar skull. Free hand this over your base sugar skulls don’t have to be perfect.

2- Using at least 3 different colors begin to cut your face decor.

For Eyes cut:
2 large circles in a darker color like deep purple
2 smaller circles in a bright color

For mouth cut:
1 long strip of dark felt
5 small strips of dark felt

For face embellishments:
2 “S” shapes for cheek bone decor
1 flower (picture below) and 1 circle for flower base

Adhere all your pieces using tacky glue

3- embellish more
Using the sequin decorate on your face and around. Get creative and make other shapes!
Remember the iconic embellishments at the forehead of your sugar skull
And don’t forget the final touch to the flower or eyes!

4-Allow sugar skull to dry flat until ready to place by your day of the dead altar or hanging as home decor!

TIP: Create a hanging altar by placing another heart dedicated to those who have passed with your family. This is a great way to celebrate using minimum space! It also makes great Home Decor!

How will you celebrate Day of the Dead with your kids?
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Monster Chocolatey Trifle

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It’s amazing how once the kiddos enter school our weekends around holidays like Halloween are filled with fun parties! Of course we don’t like to attend empty handed and we are all about going with the theme! For a recent party I had the family take a this fun Halloween Party Recipe: Monster Chocolatey Trifle! It’s all about the sweet treats for halloween anyways, right? Plus this treat is one the whole family can help make and create!

Make one for your next party Here is how I did mine!
Follow my directions in this video:

What I love about trifles is how creative and easy they are to make. You can add your favorite sweet ingredients to make your own!

Here is the list of ingredients I used for this Halloween Treat!


- 1 Pillsbury Funfetti Bold Purple Cupcake & Cake Mix
- 20 Fun Size Snickers
-Hershey’s Halloween Monster Bag Assorted Candy
- 1 Baker’s Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate Bar
- 1 Hershey Chocolate bar
- 2 Jell-O Instant Chocolate Pudding
- 1 row of Oreo Cookies
- 1 Deep Glass Bowl for Trifle
- Crazy Eye Stickers

-Have pudding and cake already made.
-Crumble the cake for easy layering
-In a food processor finely grind separately the Oreo’s and the Baker’s chocolate bar
-In food processor chop up the snickers until a sticky rice crispy like texture.
-Layer the ingredients: Pudding, Cake, Snickers and repeat.
-Leave room at the top and layer Baker’s Chocolate and Oreo’s
-Layer the Baker’s chocolate then the Oreo to make a dirt graveyard effect!

Fun part for kids
Take some candy from the Monster Bag! There are chocolates and lollipops using the eye stickers make them into monsters! Insert them in to your Trifle, add some chocolate hershey rectangles as doors or tombstones and you are ready to take to a party!


Cleaning for a Reason with Swiffer and Walmart

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

Last October was one of the scariest moments in my adulthood. After an ER visit and many doctor appointments I was faced with having to do my first Mammogram at the age of 29. I was scared and so many thoughts consumed me that I became almost numb and distant from everything happening in my life including my roles as a mother and wife.

Having to process the thought of perhaps having cancer is devastating but more so draining and traumatizing. As positive as we try to be the worse is always in our thoughts.  I was fortunate to have been given good news about not having cancer but I’ll never forget what those days felt like and I know I’d need all the help I could get to battle cancer!

Cleaning for a Reason
Woman dealing with cancer including breast cancer have such life changing decisions. Their everyday tasks take up much more energy as their body’s undergo treatment. Thankfully organization like Cleaning for a Reason exist to provide help to those undergoing treatment for cancer.

Clean for a Reason is a Non-profit that brings maid services throughout the U.S. and Canada to patients battling cancer. It provides professional house cleaning to those undergoing cancer treatments. The organization “brings meaning to cleaning” by helping women focus their energy on flighting cancer! Cleaning for a Reason has a network of more than 1,000 maids nationwide!

I am happy to share Walmart and Swiffer have joined forces with Cleaning for a Reason to make life for those battling cancer a little easier when it comes to everyday things like cleaning and getting ready!

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness so Cleaning for a Reason continues to spread awareness with Pink Swiffer sweepers at Walmart!

Each patient visited this month for a cleaning service  thru Cleaning for a Reason also receives a Swiffer and Walmart care package. The package includes  Swiffer Duster 360, Pantene Beautiful Lengths shampoo, Oral B Pro Health Clinical Pro Flex toothbrush, Olay Regenerist Microsculpting cream and Bounty Paper towels!

Pink Swiffer Sweeper at Walmart for a limited time

Look for Pink displays in Walmart stores carrying these special edition Pink Swiffer Sweeper in support of Cleaning for a reason. Help create awareness for Breast Cancer and Cleaning for a Reason by purchasing a Pink Swiffer,  a portion of the proceeds go to benefit Cleaning for a Reason.

Know someone in need of Cleaning for a Reason services visit for more information.


Become the Next Crock Star with Crock-Pot #crockstars

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

I love my slow cookers and yes that is plural because I own more than two.  I’m a busy mom who likes easy meals and one less thing to think/look after so slow cooking is my favorite method of cooking! When the hubs and I married a Crock-Pot was one of our first gifts opened and we both looked at each other and smiled.

The hubs and I both have our favorite recipes and we come to realize everyone has that one favorite slow cooker recipe. For me it’s all about my Slow Cooker Chicken Mole, an authentic Mexican dish I’ve learned to cheat dinner with using the slow cooker but the hubs Hearty Chili Recipe comes in a close second!

Crock-Pot’s make dinner one less thing I have to keep on my mind and honestly it’s a great way to make meals and have enough space to make more for leftovers!

Do you have a favorite slow cooker recipe? 

Here is your chance to be named Crock-Pot’s Next Crock Star

-Visit now thru October 31st 
-Submit a 1- minute “video selfie” prepping your favorite ORIGINAL slow cooker recipe using a Crock-Pot slow cooker!
-Text your original recipe and Be sure to follow contest rules!

Grand Prize:
Title of “2014 Ultimate Crock-Pot Crock-Star,” plus $5,000 and feature on

Enter plus get more details at

Get the Crock-Pot
It’s Crocktober so check out all these new slow cookers under the Crock-Pot brand at Walmart Including my Portable Cook and Carry 6QT Crock-Pot perfect for cooking at home or entertaining on the go!

So what are you waiting for enter now for your chance at this #crockstars contest!
Be sure to let us know if you’ve entered we look forward to seeing all the slow cooker recipes!


DIY Duck Tape Halloween Photo Backdrop

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

Earlier this month we had a super fun Halloween kids costume party. I like doing making DIY’s and crafts for the kids and party decor because I feel it really gives parties a personal touch.

This time I had a few rolls of Duck Tape in perfect halloween colors and an empty box that if unfolded I knew would make an awesome photo backdrop for the kids at our party!

Doing the photo backdrop only took 20mins and 4 rolls of Duck Tape!

-A large box unfolded or large piece of cardboard (think of the height of your little guests)
-Duck Tape Rolls in suggested colors: OrangeBlack and Purple

Walmart has a variety of Duck Tape. I especially love the printed rolls and the glow in the dark. Get creative and even have the kiddos help! The best part is rolls are so affordable as low as $2.50 a roll making this craft cost as low as $10!

Layout your unfolded box and start lining the tape in straight lines or in fun designs.
Leave some extra tape at the ends to fold over to the back to secure your tape stays on.

I found it easy to place the tape down on the floor on one end as I worked on getting it across the box. I later returned and lifted the tape and folded it over to the other side of the box to secure it.

It’s seriously that easy!

Working with Duck Tape on this project is very forgiving because the more texture the better so don’t make this perfect give it some personality and try different patterns!

Leave the edge of your box clear of tape so that it can be folded over to the back and help your backdrop standalone. It also was a great way to give our guest some privacy in the back to change into many fun costumes we had for them to try on!

Our guest enjoyed capturing their costumes and silly faces in front of our Duck Tape photo backdrop! I am sure your guest will too!
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5 Reasons Electronics Layaway Works for My Holiday Shopping

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

I love holiday shopping but as the kids get older the things on the wish list get pricier. Finding the items on my family’s gift list and affording them all at the same time is a balancing act or magic trick now a days! I like getting my family at least one thing from their wish list but it can definitely add up. I like to shop in advance too so when Walmart announced Layaway started September 12, I was pretty excited!

Between the hubs and the kids, the wish list in electronics department alone can be interesting and a little pricy!

My family’s top electronics wish list items
The hubs:  Samsung SoundBar and 60in TV
Little Man:  Disney Infinity 2.0 plus Disney Infinity figures 
Little Lady: Nabi tablet and Nabi Headphones

These items alone can be a dent in my holiday budget!  Who knew they’d grow to have such expensive taste!

The good news is I’ve learned to accept help and when Walmart Layaway starts every holiday season I join in the early holiday shopping festivities!

Here are 5 reasons electronics layaway works for my holiday shopping!

1-Product availability- I know looking for the must haves in video games and any other store item will be available before the holiday before the crazy rush shopping!

2-My own payment plan- I know I can make my own payment plan when it comes to the items I place on layaway. A $600 television my husband is wishing for can be a doable gift now because I have time to pay for it.

3-No opening fee- Need I say more? Walmart offers a no opening fee for items placed on layaway with an affordable down payment!

4-Santa Gifts hiding place- All my gifts put on layaway are my secret santa gifts hiding place. No need to place them in a secret closet or fear them finding their gifts soon because gifts are safe until December 15th!

5-Down Payment is $10 or 10%- I can place items like tablets on layaway for a low down payment and that makes shopping stress free!

Learn more about Walmart’s Layaway and see what electronics are must haves to put on your wish list!


Spooktacular Disney Junior Kids Party #JuniorCelebrates

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.  #JuniorCelebrates #CollectiveBias

It’s officially fall and that means Halloween parties are in full swing. Since the kiddos are in school now their friends always ask if they can come over and what better time than a spooktacular  Disney Junior costume party. I love hosting parties especially for our kids friends and creating a fun experience is what we are all about!

The hubs and I planned our party with fun activities delicious themed food and of course Halloween Disney Décor. I’ll be honest I like affordable themed parties and Walmart is my go to place for affordable Halloween everything!
Buying the costume didn’t come as easy as I thought it would. Little Lady wanted to be Doc and Little Man was undecided up until the day before our party.
Our guests were encouraged to come dressed or come play dress up so we purchased a few extra costumes at an affordable price at Walmart! From Doc to Minnie to Disney princess and Disney Characters  like buzz and woody. By the way check out the awesome in-store display with Doc McStuffins and Minnie Mouse costumes now until Oct 18th!

We love having fun kid activities! The kids got to decorate cookies skeleton mickeys and pumpkins with tons of eyes!

We also had fun pumpkins with DIY decorated glittered foam We made doc mcstuffins and pirates inspired!

Our party décor was a combination of  DIY and American Greeting Party Supplies. I love using danglers and adding a little DIY leaf ghost really made our party come together so spooktacular!

Our themed menu was a total hit too. How about this Spooktacular Doc Food to bring our Disney Junior party together.

American Greetings has awesome themed character plates from Sofia to Doc McStuffins and Jake and Neverland!


The kids took photos in costume in our photo booth and even gave Sofia a clown costume with pin the nose on the clown! Everyone went home with cute goodie bags and tons of candy treats!

See the party highlights and learn some costume tips in our vlog Watch below:

Will you be hosting a halloween party? Share you musts for kids parties!


Affordable Halloween Costumes for Kids at Walmart

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

This year with both kiddos in school we have a few Halloween parties and activities lined up so of course I try to get the kiddos a few costumes. I headed over to Walmart and was happy to see costumes as low as $9.88! The best part was finding affordable accessories that really make the costumes come to life! The kiddos loved being able to pick out their costumes and accessories and my pockets were happy that it all cost under $50!

Little Man’s TMNT Turtle Power Costume + Accessories 

Little Man is into the very boyish not so cute costumes Of course dad had fun helping him pick out weapons and gloves to go with his costume. I was happy to find that the turtle costume came with a mask, knee pads and elbow pads, and of course a cool turtle shell. We added some sound activated hands and some turtle combat gear for Raphael.

Raphael TMNT Nickelodeon costume
Turtle Hands
Turtle combat gear

Little Lady’s Little Mermaid Costume

Of course Little Lady went for a Disney Princess this year. Every year she picks a Disney character so seeing her want Ariel was no surprise. I was happy to see the dress was under $10. She also picked out an ariel red head wig and Tiara her costume was less than $25 all together and I love that play time doesn’t have to end on halloween! She can use this for playtime dress up time.

Little Mermaid Costume $9.88
Ariel Tiara
Ariel Red Hair Wig

Being able to get my kids the costumes they love at an affordable price makes shopping easier and fun! Check out the variety of costumes Walmart has for kids and adults as well as the accessories!

What do your kids want to dress up as this Halloween?


22 Delicious Tacos for National Taco Day

It’s National Taco Day!
October 4th use to just be known to me as my brother’s birthday but now I get to eat tacos to celebrate him and National Taco day!!!

My family love tacos especially Tijuana’s street tacos! From al vapor to adobada to tacos de papa dorados just thinking about the different tacos makes my mouth water! Lucky for us I’ve found a few awesome recipes including some of our very own to share with you all!
Here are 22 delicious taco recipes we are sure you are going to love!

What are your favorite kind of tacos leave a comment below and let us know!

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