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Hi we are the G.U.B.(Growing Up Blackxican) Family!

My name is Ruby, I’m the mom and the author most days here on G.U.B.
I’m originally from Orange County, California!

Things I enjoy are my family, facebook games, texting, writing (blogging), and watching reality tv (DVR has become my BFF). I can sing along to all Yo Gabba Gabba/ Wonder Pets/ Ni hao Kilan songs- thanks to my kids. Three words to describe me would be FUN -LATINA- MAMA.

I’m a wife to a former U.S. Sailor since July of ’07 (and this is when it all began.) We are an interracial couple (my husband is Black and I am Mexican). After tying the knot we knew we wanted children. We soon got preggo and lost our little angel August ’07. We’ve since been blessed with two little babies. Little man and little lady.

Currently we have relocated to South Jersey since getting out of the military. I have gone from SAHM to the working field!

I’ve been inspired to blog my parenting experience, since raising two children with two cultures has become an interesting experience. I was curious to know how other parents deal with having biracial/ bicultural children. I figured I’d join in and share my own story.

I’m always in the search of new ways to keep a balance of both cultures while making it fun for both my children and myself.

I’ve recently taken on OPOL it is much harder for me to stick by that then for my children. We are however determined to have bilingual children.

I thank you for stopping by and hope you continue to read how our children are Growing up Blackxican.

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