Me entiendes?

We are very motivated to teach the kids spanish this week after reading some more off spanglish baby , there are so many inspiring parents on there.

I even learned about a method called One Parent One Language (OPOL)
It is basically when one parent speaks only one language (in my case spanish) to their child. My husband thinks it’s a great idea but I think it’s easier said than done.
I want to do this but i’m weighing the pros and cons here’s my list so far.


  • kids will pick up spanish faster
  • kids will be able to be bilingual
  • husband may learn some in the process


  • little man already understands english don’t want to confuse him
  • don’t want to leave husband’s family out when I only speak spanish to the kids
  • I don’t want to say I’ll do it and then not follow thru.

so you see i’m stuck but this isn’t stopping me for teaching them.

We already watch some tv in spanish so something in the house is speaking another language.

I’ve started repeating things in both english and spanish especailly things little man already learned (i.e. when I ask him if he wants juice I also say Quieres juguito)

I’ve started singing a lot more of the spanish rhymes our baby abuelita sings. (I mention her here) little lady enjoys it more. I’m in the process of learning ittsy bitsy spider and twinkle twinkle in spanish since little man knows them in english already I found a site with lots of great rhymes that has them in both languages its called Mama Lisa’s World. Little man is pretty good with the hand gestures so i’m going to try to keep those consistant.

The husband even took it upon himself to purchase these little spanish for dummies books from the dollar bin at target. I tell you he is so supportive. I couldn’t have a better husband.

So in a nutshell we are trying but i find my self saying me entiendes (do you understand me). Hopefully I stay on it and the kids understand it.


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