When it’s time they KNOW

I failed to mention I asked the Doctor what the “average” age for potty training was. He said 2 1/2 years old in AMERICA !



Well I won’t lie I tried training little man couple months past since he had discovered taking off his diaper. I thought he was ready but with only a couple times of wanting to use it he soon wanted little to do with the potty.

The Doctor also told us to not let this discourage us If we feel and see that he is ready we should try. Ultimately he said kids become interested in the potty and soon try it and like it.

Well we are back at ripping off the diaper and we are at stage 6 of diapers! To me it is time!

We took out the potty and he plays with it but when told to sit on it he whines his way off of it.

Doctor mentioned not to pressure him or make it a negative event so I think i’ll take things slow.

In other news I didn’t want to jinx us but Little man is officially off the bottle he was only having one before bed but He is now off… OFF!!! It was a little harder then we thought it was going to be because Little lady is obviously very much on the bottle.

We even saw a little set back on little man’s part. He never liked the pacifier therefore he never had one. Little lady likes the pacifier but not to the extent that we need it at all times she may use it once in a day or not at all. Well i’ve been catching little man trying to have the pacifier in his mouth. I think he is beginning to understand that he is a big boy and little lady is very much a baby.

Here is a picture of the kids with dad Our new bed time ritual is

story time while having a sippy of milk and half way thru little lady is taken and set up for bed.

p.s. Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal or toy they take to bed? Little man has become attached to this bear we call it his baby.


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