New Jersey New life

Hello finally i think we are back to our regular blog :)

How do you like our new look? The move is officially done… for now.

Being in NJ has been nothing but catching up and getting situated.

We have all been sick with a minor cold and of course the lovley allergies this east coast pollen has given us.

The kids were probably thinking we were on vacation up until Saturday when the movers arrived with all of our belongings.

Moving is such a drag. I can’t even begin to tell you all how overwhelming it is especially knowing this won’t be the last time.

I can’t wait to get the kids back to schedule. I know there is no place like home but right now we aren’t in our own home but I will do the best I can.

Since being here I have missed all things Mexican however we are totally embracing my Husbands upbringing.

We have seen his schools and his mom has made us feel right at home. Little man and Little lady have been spoiled by her. BTW this was the first time the grandparents meet little lady i mean other than thru picutres and of course skype!
We have tried Daddy’s favorites like ice cream and chinese take out.
But still I have to find the Mexican culture in NJ.

I have since found one store which i hope to visiting tomorrow. It’s called “La Mexicana” :) hope this brings a little bit of home to us.

I’m trying to stay on our contract as I promised. Especially now where it will be 10xs harder. Our spanish words that have stuck thus far have been Basura(trash) Papita(it means little potatoe but can also mean food which is what we use it for) and one that just happened to stick pirulin(i know it means something else but ever since i can remember i’ve called little mans private this the hubs and little man now know their stuff as it lol)

New Jersey has been interesting I miss home but i try not to show it to the kids too much. I want them to enjoy being with thier grandparents out here but i cant help but miss spending time with my parents back home.

the adventure continues… I plan to keep updating regularly. I finally found my camera as soon as i get the pix uploaded i’ll make sure to share with everyone.
Happy Monday!


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