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As a kid growing up I can’t recall ever really needing to go to the Doctor. I mean besides your routine check-ups and vaccinations, I can’t remember really going for any sickness. I was fairly a healthy kid.

I hadn’t thought about it being a big deal until I married and my husband felt the need to take our kids the doctor every time they were sick. I would occasionally mention the remedies/ beliefs I grew up on but he would think they were a bit wild or extreme and so i wouldn’t force them on our kids. However, when the kids did start getting sick all the time I thought “man, they must get this horrible immune system from you” HaHa!

I remember, as a kid, always having a cure for whatever i was feeling. If i ever felt sick my Nana, Grandma, was quick to take care of it. She was big on home remedies, Remedios caseros. She was in fact known as a curandera.

Recently little man has become sick again with a cold and fever and the hubs asked
“Why don’t you try one of those Home remedies your grandma did?” Honestly I thought about it. I’m not sure if I would know how to do them correctly. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a home remedy.

So I called up a few family members and began my quest of Home remedies.

Here are a few i plan to try on little man. (He is currently suffering from a sore throat, cough, fever, and wheezing. We did take him to the Doctor and were given an inhaler so far it’s been the waiting game. although we think this may be the beginning of Bronchitis)

To soothe a sore throat
limón y miel
(a table spoon- half of honey and half with lemon juice 3 x’s a day)

Fever Reducer
we have 2 remedies
1- alcohol rubbed on legs and covered completely will help reduce fever
2- two cups of apple cider vinegar and two cups of water- mix well and soak a cloth, ringed,to put over head, back of neck.


For Bronchitis
vapor rub on the chest with a piece of newspaper placed over it as a seal, repeat the same to the back.

My Nana was big on tea especially Manzanilla, chamomile, and Yerbabuena, Peppermint, I don’t know the uses for each but I’m a on mission to find out.

There are a lot more wild remedies that have been passed on thanks to this lady known as my NANA.
One thing I can say is, as crazy as they sound, I was always taken care of and a by far one of the healthiest kids growing up. The remedies worked!!!!

Do you have any home remedies to share?

Love you Nana!


Happy Monday Everyone!


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  1. Nicki says

    I LOVE this!! I grew up the same way :)) My Nana (exactly what I called her) and ThatTha who was an eldery couple who raised me as their own, had all these herbs growing in the backyard! haha I remember drinking those teas allll the time and still do to this day :)) Your Nana, reminded me of mine, thank you <3

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