Feliz dia de los Reyes

Celebrating the day of the 3 wise kings was something I remember doing as a child with my grandparents. My grandmother would hang a stalking full of things she knew we would love.
This is my 2nd year celebrating this tradition with kids. See how they made out last year Here
I had to work today so the “Kings” didn’t bring their gifts til this evening! Little man and Little lady were really caught off guard. When I arrived with colorful gift bags.

This year they both received a Leapfrog Pal!

Coloring Books

A cool Squeeze ball (That one was a hit!)

& Some more goodies. (I’m not big on candy but I gave in to the mike and Ike’s once they attacked my jelly beans over the holidays.)

They also received a very cool place mat they can color unfortunately no pic to show but maybe dad will make it a project i can share with you guys later.

They absolutely loved their Gifts! Here are my little book worms in action!

Normally A ROSCA would have ended our night but there really isn’t a place where i could get my hands on a piece of that deliciousness.

Fortunately the hubs baked with the kids which was the next greatest thing in my opinion. Here are the kiddos making PB cookies

Also Nick Jr never fails to amaze me Dora had an episode that was about the 3 wise kings of course little man and little lady watched with dad .

Nick JR also sent out an email which included links to printable kings Crown, A 3 kings cake recipe and even a party invite if you wish to have your own celebration.

Happy Thursday and Feliz Dia De Los Reyes!!!


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