Following my parent’s footsteps

For as long as I can remember, education is very important in my family. My parents always had me involved in some type of educational activity whether it was workbooks, after school programs, or intersession /summer school classes. I did it all, even when I wasn’t behind in classes. I was in fact an honors student.

I was lucky to have a mother who was very involved in higher education and a father who wanted more than just manual labor jobs for his children. They wanted college graduates!

My parents were always looking for greater opportunities that would benefit me and my siblings. I graduated high school with half of my AA degree completed. Thanks to my parents motivating me and enrolling me into an alternative high school program. Needless to say they were very involved in my education.

The reason I mention all these great things is because I see my parents in many of the decisions I’m making for my children. I feel like I’m following their footsteps.

Not too long ago, I was on the phone with my mother discussing preschools. She always tells me “Ruby, when is ‘Little Man’ going to start preschool he should be in school already.” I laugh because it’s always the same answer. “Ma, we’ve already visited and talked to a few schools in the area”. I can’t seem to find one that I think little man or little lady will completely benefit from. Most are like day cares and we don’t need a daycare!

I find myself researching the programs I want my children involved in. Everyone knows how important it is for them to learn Spanish, so of course that’s a big one in my list.

I find great events to attend to and valuable information via my friends at Latinos In Social Media #LATISM. There is where I first learned about Univision’s Es El Momento (The Moment is Now) Campaign. The campaign “is aimed at improving academic achievement among K‐12 Hispanic students with a specific focus on high school graduation and college readiness.”

It was there that I found an article in Spanish that gave me great food for thought regarding my child’s education. The article is titled “Cómo elegir un buen preescolar” (How to choose a great preschool). I realize that preschool will prepare my child with the essentials for kinder. However, as the article also states, it “allows them to acquire important skills like paying attention, perseverance to complete their tasks, accept new responsibilities and become friends.”

I tell you, my criteria list is growing but only because I want to be as involved and motivational as my parents were with me. Education and parent involvement go hand in hand when you have little ones to raise, at least that’s what my parents taught me.

For more information on Es El Momento Campaign visit here:

Or to join the great conversation over on Latism visit here:

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