1st place pickers

If you guessed Strawberry picking from yesterdays post you were right!!!

As a kid I remember going to a park and celebrating strawberry season at a Strawberry Festival. The highlights were always the roller coasters, the carnival games(goldfish were always a prize), and of course the strawberry pies!!! It was never about actually seeing and picking strawberries. Strawberries were just the theme.

Living in New Jersey now, the garden state, Farm land is everywhere much like what California was like when a was a kid. Strawberry Festival had a totally new meaning for me tho. I had never been to a farm to pick fruit off a tree or vine.

Picking strawberries and cherries with the kids was as much fun as it was a life lesson
As we picked, I explained that great relatives like great grandpa use to do this. It is part of us. We are 1st place pickers.

I had never imagined ever going to a strawberry field and actually picking strawberries. I always passed by fields(in California) and saw our Mexican people picking. It is an emotional reminder of what my family has been part of to live the American dream . I can still hear the stories from my grandfather… “Cuando mi papa, tu tio Chon, y yo crusavamos para trabajar en los campos a pescar fresas“…(When my father, my brother Chon and I would cross to work in the fields to get strawberries…) Many of his stories started this way.

It was nice to know i could share this moment with my children. Little man was so happy to see his little baskets of fruit get full. Little lady was so eager to taste the fruit as you can see form the pictures this momma panicked! I know they probably won’t remember the first time they picked strawberries but I have pictures to remind them. I hope to make this an annual event.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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