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Since I first became a blogger I had 3 goals in mind with starting a blog:
1- share the kids lives with family who is far from us since we were a military family.
2- Find others to relate to who had Blackxican Families or who were Blackxican.
3- Share our story with the world.

Since starting Growing Up Blackxican almost 2 years ago, I’ve had a bigger goal in mind. I have came in contact with many Blackxican families to relate to and learn from. I have shared our lives and now it’s time I share those lovely families and individuals with you with a new project.

I decided to create a project called GUB Like Us (GUB standing for Growing up Blackxican)
A project that will feature Blackxican Families and Individuals once a month.

GUB like US will create awareness for other Blackxican Families or any other bicultural families that can relate to the different situations we face. From raising and parenting bicultural children to being in a interracial relationship. We’ve all dealt with having to balance, compromise and learn from each other. Everyones story is different and I’m always up for hearing it.

It’s important to find someone to relate to. Though being different is great also there is always someone who may not feel the same and just need to feel like they fit. I know I’ve felt like that.

I know the battles between your traditions and someone elses vs what your families think is best can cause a strain on your family. You are not alone, many of us have already dealt with a lot of what you may have gone thru.

I hope you enjoy this new part of GUB. We are set to debut tomorrow, Friday, July 1st!

If you are also a Blackxican Family/individual who would like to share your story Contact us at We would love to hear from you!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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