Apodos/ Nicknames

Los apodos son muy comun en mi familia. El apodo mas cariñoso yo digo es el que le di a mi papa. De cariño y broma un dia le comense a llamar “Papuchoni” broma porque uno del radio le llamava a todos “papuchon” pero a mi papa mejor le puse mi papuchoni. Nunca crei que se le iva quedar. Ahora mas de 10 Años despues mis hijos le dicen papuchoni. Le dicen “pa-pa-achoni” y mi papa les responde” que tus chonis n que la tiznada” Todos nos reimos de eso.
Me encanta oir los que le llamen.

Nicknames are very common in my family. the sweetest nickname i’ve given would be the one i gave my father. Out of a joke and out of love one day i decided to start calling my dad Papuchon.It came from a name papuchon which they use on a radio station my dad listened to. After calling my dad that I never imagined it would stick. Today more than 10 years later my kids call grandpa, papuchoni. They pronounce it “pa-pa-achoni” which my dad replies something along the line of are you talking about chonis whichis what we call underwear. We all have a laugh over it. I love to hear them call him.

Happy Friday / Feliz Viernes

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