Bilingual learning: Colors printable

I’ve shared our bilingual journey since I first started to struggle. I’ve tried many things but also failed to keep at them. I’ve learned consistency is key but still i struggle with keeping up with something i want for my kids so bad.
If there’s one thing I’m great at it’s getting creative with paper.
I recently had the urge to get bilingual with the kids once again and so I came up with idea of creating my own Flash cards. Flash cards that were simple and easy to play with in little hands. I designed simple basic color cards with the color swatch and the color name in both languages.
When I created my first batch of cards the kids loved them. Granted it had been a few minutes of them playing with the cards but already little man could hand me the card with the color “verde”(green).
little man learning colors
I wasn’t forcing the education part i was simply interacting with little man and little lady. They’d hand me a card i’d say the color in English then Spanish and ask if they could say it to occasionally. We played for a good 10minutes before they moved on to the next toy but already i was happy that they were interested. It was extrea cute to hear little lady “ahhh-zul”
little lady learning colors
I realized that if I could set time aside through the day like we do with other activities the kids could potentially learn best this way.
Later that day I asked if others on twitter could benefit or would be interested in a free download of color flash cards. Also what other subjects/topics of flashcards would be useful. My aim is to create things my kids can gain from but it’s always a plus if others can enjoy and gain from my creation as well.
Here is what the printable looks like, again very simple.
GUB printable colors p1
tips for cards
If you’re interested here is the free download.
Please share if you do download. I’d love to hear some feedback.

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