GUB like US- Cassandra & LeSean

My husband LeSean and I met through my family actually sometime between 2005-2006.after losing touch, I ran into his sister in August of 2008 a few times and I told her to have him contact me. We have truly been blessed to have such great relationships with each other and our families.
We have two beautiful little girls who are such a blessing to our family. The girls are one and four years old. Our four year-old is Sean’s daughter from a previous relationship, but she is definitely mine in our eyes. We have such a great relationship and I love her to pieces.
As a mom to bicultural children, I can’t say I have been faced with any issues, yet. I would never want my kids to feel like others look down on them because of their race.
If I ever am asked what race my children are I would just say they are mixed.
It would be great to raise our kids bilingual, if we both knew Spanish. Unfortunately, I wasn’t raised to speak Spanish growing up. On my father’s side, a lot of our family is bilingual but would never talk to us in Spanish so I learned more English than anything. On my mother’s side, my grandfather and his siblings all knew how to speak Spanish fluently until they started school. They couldn’t understand the teachers so my great grandparents made them learn English and to only speak English from then on. So my mom never learned how to speak Spanish either. I would love to learn Spanish and teach my children one day. It could open their eyes to want to learn other languages as well.
Our family is special because not only are we Black and Mexican, but we have Indian in us too. We want to make it important to know more about our cultures and for our children to be interested in it also. The great thing is that we learn more and more about our families cultures everyday!
I do not find the word Blackxican offensive at all. It’s simply who we are and we should be proud of it.
The advice I would give to other bicultural families would be to just be proud of who you truly are. Enjoy the different cultures and learn more from them also. Teach your children how to appreciate every culture and love the differences in all of them. It will only broaden their horizons and teach them how important and equal we all are.
Special thanks to Cassandra. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Cassandra is currently expecting a baby! We can’t wait to see the new addition!
If you are also a Blackxican Family/individual who would like to share your story Contact us at We would love to hear from you! To learn more about GUB like US click here!
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