The New Family Game night!

mario love

It’s no surprise that my kids are already loving Super Mario. You can imagine what are fun times consist of with a dad who is a gamer and a mom who loves Mario too.

While we are very cautions what the kids see or play on TV, Mario has always been one of those games that you can forever love and want to play. It’s for the young and old.

Growing up game night was playing a board game with my 3 brothers and having our parents watch us argue over who needs to pay up boardwalk fees or watching us go thru a deck of cards 3xs while playing a card game.

As I now have my own little family and board games are still quite fun, our game night has a totally different dynamic. We now include video games and it’s really going to be the meaning of game night for the next generation.

Little man and little lady are only 3 and 2 years old but even they have already got the hang of holding the remote.

What makes it even better is all 4 of us can play. While dad usually out lives us all in the game, we can continue to be a part of the game as we follow in a bubble and another member of our group can even pop it and put us right back into the game. I love this new idea because it allows the kids to still be a part even if their gaming skills aren’t’ the best.

wii bundle

We had the chance to try out the new Wii recently and we absolutely love it. Being owners of the original white Wii console, we really expected the same thing but we were a bit surprised to find new perks. The new black Wii doesn’t stand like the older model, it already comes with the downloaded internet and Nintendo channels.

wii bundle pack

The New Super Mario Bros. Bundle pack includes Wii game, Mario Galaxy soundtrack, a black Wii Remote™ Plus controller and a black Nunchuk™ controller. The best part is you get all this for $149.99! That is a super deal!!!

The hubs and I have been telling our family and friends all about it.We like to say it is a great last minute Christmas Gift for any family.

Stay tuned for our family game night video after the holidays. We will be using our Wii during Christmas when all our friends and family come for dinner.

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Disclosure: We were given the New Nintendo Wii Bundle for review. I was not compensated for this post. As always, the above are my true and honest opinions.

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