Cooking with Momma: Sopes!

My amiga Ericka from Nibbles and Feasts made these delicious looking Gorditas over at her blog. I knew I  had to make some soon since I had some MASECA still in the pantry.
I had been craving carne deshebrada (shredded beef) for a while now and since I’m not the best cook around here I had to call my Tias in Cali to help me out. I new that this dish would be perfect to fulfill my craving

Thankfully the whole process was easy, including the videos Ericka posted to help make the dough for the we went with sopes instead.Still, they were super delicious and  the family was happy and fed!

Cooking with momma: sopes

The kids even helped out to flatten the dough balls a little. They thought it was playdoh but once they figured out we were going to eat them they were tempted to eat the raw dough! It didn’t happen though.

P.S. I have been absent from our blog for 2 big reasons 1. their is some major changes happening to our family that I will share with you soon. and 2. my computer external hard drives have crashed on me :( and my mouse broke too. So not our week here at GUB nonetheless the family is healthy and all is well…

DISCLOSURE: I was not compensated by any means to write about MASECA or for making this food although the hubs was tempted to pay me since it was that good. All the above as always are my true and honest statements.

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