Easter Egg Mini Piñatitas

mini pinatas
When it comes to teaching my kids culture especially my own doing hand crafts is the first thing that comes to mind. I enjoy making things with my kids. I never knew i was really crafty until I had kids. 
With Easter around the corner I’ve been busy creating crafts for all the other sites I contribute to I might as well share with my GUB readers a special craft I did with my kids.
Piñatas are the one thing i miss from being back home. Every celebration, birthday, holiday or reunion we had a piñata. It’s the one thing I wish my kids had the chance to enjoy as much as I did.
Being that we are far from Cali, I decided to give some left over egg shells a makeover and make them into Easter Egg Mini Pinatitas!!!

This craft is great for little hands. A very fun  alternative for toddlers not yet ready to smash cascarones (confetti eggs). 

To get started you need:
  • tissue paper
  • ribbon
  • string/bakers twine
  • adhesive glue strips or glue work
  • masking tape
  • scissors and a piercing tool
  • Piñata stuffing: candy, confetti, ect.
*Parents please take note to supervise children with this craft. Scissors and piercing tools should only be handled by adults

Let’s get started!
  1. Tie a piece of ribbon with a piece of twine this will be used as the pull and hanging piece of your piñata.
  2. Adults: Gently pierce a hole at the top of your hollow shell. the whole should be a little smaller than a pea big enough to pass ribbon through.
  3. pull the ribbons through the holes.
  4. Gently flip your egg upside to the bigger hole and fill with what your heart desires.
  5. Using masking tape tape the bottom closed so your treats don’t fall out Remember to keep the string through the closing.
  6. cut your tissue paper at least 1 in wide length will vary. fold in half and fray the end without the fold.
  7. make multiple strips of frayed ends in various colors.
  8. Adhere to the egg starting at the bottom where the bigger whole closed with masking tape is. Frays should face the tape. Layer as much as you desire until you reach the top.
All done! Enjoy your Easter Egg Mini Piñatitas!
mini pinatas HAPPY EASTER
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easter_amiguitos conejitos

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