Potty Trained + 5 Potty Training Tips

I mentioned back in October that little man was officially potty trained. I think i jinxed myself. Quickly after he rebelled and we were back to diapers here and there.
Then in November little lady decided she wanted her own pair or Kitty chonies we were off to a great start.

After almost 5 months We can certainly say they are officially potty trained… with the exception of bedtime.


We have 2 little potties sitting around the house and of course 2 big potty rooms in the house. They announce at all times i gotta go peeeeee!!!! but they go on their own! Yes, some days we have accidents but they can now hold it.

I thought I’d share 5 Potty training tips that have helped us get to this happy place of kitty chonies and super hero undies!

For those parents that already have trained kids. If yours are anything like mine, you will be happy to learn of this new app.

When we are out and about they will announce momma gotta go so there we rush to the nearest restroom. I won’t lie, I cringe at the announcement of having to go in public. I don’t do public restrooms. Our new ritual before leaving the home is asking everyone to go potty before we go. Hey gotta do what you gotta do right?

This new app is called SITORSQUAT by Charmin!
As you can see in my area there are no SIT (green icons) public restrooms but it’s helped us so much on our different trips to the city! It even came in handy while i was at the airport on my last trip! I love this app!

So there you have it parents, let me know if you are potty training or if you already did what is your secret or advice to stop the accidents. This mama needs to know!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated in any way. I was not asked to share this information. I learned about this app at a recent conference and thought i’d share since it came in handy for me and for my family.

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