DIY Washi Tape Photo Holiday Cards

DIY washi tape holidays card

This year holiday cheer started a little late in our home you can read about it here and here.

We missed our deadline to order the kids holiday cards and so I decided not to send any cards this year.

Then while I was shopping at my local craft store I fell in love with all this Washi tape in festive colors and I knew I had to at least attempt to spread some holiday cheer.

The hubs had taken these gorgeous pictures of the kids and here I was left with gorgeous pictures and washi tape. So I made our own Washi Tape Photo Holiday Cards!

To make some of your own Here is what you need:
DIY washi tape holidays card
1-A photo .5 inches shorter on each side compared to your card (our photo 3×5)
2-Your card– I used 4×5.5 pre-folded cards
3-Washi tape- I used the same color but 2 different styles.
4-Foam squared adhesive
5-Sentiment tag (see below to create)
7-Writing pen

Let’s get started!
DIY washi tape holidays card
Place your picture on the front of your card.
Secure it in place using the washi tape like picture above.
Fold back on to the front flap.

Create your sentiment!

DIY washi tape holidays card
We printed our sentiment out and cut to our liking.
To create the flag sentiment you can follow the tips above.
Once you have your perfered shape add a little washi tape to one side to decorate.
Place 2 foam squares and adhere to your card.

Write in your card and mail off!
DIY washi tape holidays card

We can’t wait for everyone to receive our cards!

Will you be spreading Holiday cheer this year?

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