Hip Hop according to Little Man

The hubs and I love hip hop. I shared recently that Little Man has been singing some songs that I shouldn’t be too proud to share. These are the consequences when you listen to the radio or you buy a new album off iTunes and you play it constantly.

We love music! Hubs likes artist like Kanye West, Common and The Roots
While I like those too I like Murs, Talib Kweli, and E-40.
hip hop according to little man

This month little man has been singing his own rendition of “Bands will make her dance”

I’ll admit I am annoyed by the song but Little Man’s version sure puts a smile on my face.

sister makes you dance copy

“Sister makes you dance, Sister makes you dance”

This song is very true to what our BOSSY Little Lady is like.

He sings it to her all the time and we all laugh!

While there are lyrics we don’t agree with and words we don’t allow to be spoken at home, it is part of who the hubs and I are. We knew eventually talks about certain songs would have to happen and we take each experience as it comes. We don’t like to look down on something that has been part of us for so long.

I leave you with a quote by one of the founding father’s of Hip Hop:

Rap is something you do Hip Hop is something you live- KRS One

If you’re a mama that loves Hip Hop you should totally link up with my Amiga, Xenia, over at Raised by Culture!

P.S. Our 3rd GUB Birthday is this weekend. We will be sharing a surprise next week STAY TUNED!

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