MLK craft: I have a dream poster

In honor of our celebration for Martin Luther King Jr the kids and I created an “I have a dream” craft.
I wanted to hear some of their dreams and have them be proud of their dreams.
We started with a gingerbread foam. These are perfect all year round for identity projects. We have 3 different shades Light brown medium brown and dark brown- They both choose the same one color. I asked them why they chose it and they replied “it’s like me mama”

I explained what a dream was and what some of my dreams were too. We placed a I have a dream sign on their people after decorating them to their liking.

Next we made cloud shapes to write our dreams on.
I had the kids share their dreams and each time they recited ” I have a dream…”

Little Man shared his dreams of seeing a purple star, being a fireman, and going to school.

Little Lady shared her dreams of playing with her cousins, to be a doctor, and to go to NY!

Their dream poster is hanging in their room where they can see it anytime of the day.
I hope they continue to dream big!


Stay tuned for tomorrow for another MLK craft!

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