My family believes in Herbalife

I believe now more than ever it’s important to share why my family believes in Herbalife.

It wasn’t long ago that I had taken a vacation with the kids to Sunny California to visit my parents. During my visit I joined my parents on a healthier lifestyle. They introduced me to the products and I saw first hand what transformation in eating habits, lifestyle and wellness my family had come to.
My father was no longer borderline high cholesterol  My mother was no longer borderline diabetes. They were happier, healthier and had the energy to enjoy their grand kids!
My family believes in Herbalife
On top of their own personal changes they became of service to their community in Tijuana, Mx. My parent’s have always been givers but this time their service was of greater value it had a purpose and they were proof of the benefits of Herbalife.

I had the privileged to tour Herbalife facilities and to learn more in depth the hard work that is put into the products created by this brand. I experienced what many distributors dream of.

I can only speak for my family and My family believes in Herbalife!

I asked my mother to share her thoughts about Herbalife as a distributor, she said the following:

“Herbalife is about helping each other. For us it’s an act of caring– a social responsibility. I wanted people to experience the feel good I was feeling. When we gather at our nutrition club we share the benefits and joys of Herbalife.”-Luisa

I am so proud of my parents for not only changing their lives but for giving back to their community with Herbalife.
My family believes in Herbalife
I now am a happy consumer and my kids also enjoy the benefits of the products.

For us it’s about being healthy!

I encourage you to learn more about Herbalife and their Independent Distributors by watching this video below.

Disclosure:  This is not a compensated post. I have worked with Herablife and my relationship to the company comes from my parents being Independent Distributors however, the above are my true and honest  opinions.

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