GUB like US special: The Blaxican Food Truck

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We are celebrating Mixed Heritage Week with a very GUB Like Us Special! The Blaxican Food Truck honored us with an interview and we couldn’t be more excited to feature them here on GUB!!!

It was just last year that I got message after message asking if I had seen the famous picture of The Blaxican Food Truck. I quickly learned that the combinations being put together were the perfect representation of some delicious dishes. Some of the iconic dishes are the Collard Green Quesadilla and the Jalapeño Mac and Cheese!   I knew then I had to get an interview to learn more!

Will Turner, Owner 

We asked Will Turner, Owner of The Blaxican Food Truck based in Atlanta,GA, a few questions to learn more about this amazingly interesting food truck that marries Soul-food and Mexican food. Read below to see what he had to say!

GUB: How did The Blaxican food truck come to be? Where did this passion come from?

WT: The Blaxican was birth out of me being laid-off in 2011, I have always been an avid cook being the youngest of three boys momma picked on the baby to help in the kitchen. My father was also a cook in the Coast Guard.
The Blaxican Food Truck
GUB: One of the things I love about your food truck is the Mexican flag colors and your illustration It really creates a visual for the name.  You credit your name to the term used in LA. We spell it slightly different but we enjoy seeing the different ways it’s spelled. Were there any specifics to the spelling of Blaxican?
WT: The spelling of the name was already used when I first learned of the phrase. I didn’t start it.
GUB: We hope you know your menu causes a mouthwatering experience.What were some of your favorite foods as a child and were these influenced at all in the food you create? 
WT: Soul-food has always been my favorite with Italian and Mexican holding a close second. 
What inspired the dishes?
WT: The inspiration behind the menu is a combination of two of the most popular cuisines in Atlanta [Soul-food and Mexican food].
GUB: We love the combinations you’ve created using Soul food and Mexican food! Do you plan to create additional combinations? 
WT: I am working on some desert combination like my Sweet Potato Flan!

GUB: My kids love pork and beans- thanks to my husband. This is something I never had growing up in my Mexican culture. We’d love your advice on a spin off combination to make this dish Blaxican food truck worthy. Any tips?
WT: Dice and Saute some onions, and peppers, add a dash of cumin, Take some Baked Beans and add them to the saute and cook until heated. Slice some hotdogs then grill them in a frying pan with some onions and peppers. Grill some tortillas add a little shredded white American cheese to them to melt while grilling. Assemble the grilled Hotdogs and top with Beans…….carne de cerdo y frijoles
GUB: We know you have been giving back to the community and helping those who are less fortunate. Where can we go to donate to help this great cause in name of The Blaxican Food Truck.
WT: Our favorite charity is “My Sister’s House” a battered woman’s shelter that serves both woman and children.


GUB: Where can you we find The Blaxican Food truck in Atlanta?

WT:  Follow us on Facebook Blaxicanfoodtruck or visit our website calendar 

GUB: We’d love to see the food truck expand. Any future plans of expanding the business to different areas or states?

WT: Ms. Blaxican will be our Desert Truck and I would love to take it back to the west coast where it belongs.


Learn more about The Blaxican Food Truck and connect with Will via Twitter and Facebook

Big Thanks to Will for allowing us to feature him and his amazing Blaxican Food Truck! Much Success We look forward to tasting your amazing food in the future!

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