GUB Love: Valentines day edition

Valentines day round up! I wanted to do a recap of what I’ve pinned over at GUB LOVE board  There has been some awesomeness among my bloggy friends and I wanted to share that yet again as I do with every GUB LOVE our finds online.

In no particular order because we love them all the same here are our finds:

DIY Heart Stamped Scarf Made with a potato
by via BabyCenter
We love this new trend of potato stamping and this scarf is so pretty!Check it out!

Resin Coated Candy Jewelry via Crafty Chica
How cool is this? Kathy aka Crafty Chica has the coolest tutorials This is by far one of my favorites it reminds me of the candy bracelets little lady loves getting.

5 dollar custom love song via Maya in the Moment
Maya is an amazing singer I love her style and passion. She is currently selling songs on Fiver for $5 Yes a customized song for your lovey for that price is totally awesome! I just put in my request for little man and little lady I will share once I receive it!

3 Amigas Valentine’s Gift Guide
by  @darielacruz @denisseicaza @pinkguayoyo  
It’s not to late to find some awesome finds Check out my amiga’s guide there’s something for everyone!

Yarn Heart Tee via
My crafty amiga Denise is at it again Look at this super cool DIY Yarn Tee. How creative I can totally see the kiddos dong other shapes! I love it!

Chocolate Obsessed
by @NibblesNFeasts @PresleysPantry @sweetlifebake
These 3 sweet girls are some of my favorite food bloggers. They’ve partnered up to bring you this amazing compilation of desserts. Check it out there are some yummy treats the family will sure enjoy!

Dia del Amor y La Amistad via Music with Sara

Sara sent us this YouTube video of her song and we love it! I love that it’s bilingual Spanish and English. The kids enjoy hearing it in both languages it’s really catchy and really cute.

Spanish Conversation Hearts Memory Game
by RubyDW via

Here is the craft we created for it not only promotes bilingual play but it helps with memory. We love it! Tutorial over at Spanglishbaby

We hope you get to visit some of our friends if not all. Lots of great valentine activities even for last minute planners like myself.

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

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