Kids says the funniest things

kids say the funniest things

Earlier today, while shopping, Little Lady and I waited for dad and Little Man and stood in front of a wall of pictures of service people in uniform. Little Lady decides to spark a conversation with me in her not so low voice and this is how it went.

LL: Mom what’s that?(points at wall)
Me: It’s people in the military in their uniforms, babe.
LL: Oh! Grandmommy has those pictures of uncle and daddy right?
Me: Yup because he was in the Navy when you were a baby.
LL: Ya when my dad was a sexy man!
Me: Ummm ya (trying not to laugh)

She made a few of the employees laugh too. I wanted to hide. I mean, where did she learn this word- Sexy? And what gave her the idea that dad wasn’t sexy anymore? Maybe she was trying to say when he was young? I dunno. It was too funny not to mention to the hubs when he came out the restroom. He only shook his head with a smirk. I can only imagine how he felt with little lady calling him out like that right. lol Either way it gave us a great laugh.

Do your kids ever say some funny out of this world things?
What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard kids say?

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