Snail Mail Pals February #snailmailpals

It’s Snail Mail Pals time! We received our box and the kids couldn’t wait to see what Dollface had sent to them.

See their reactions(well more like little lady’s reaction) to what they found in the box.

The kids loved everything they received  Its so much fun to hear them talk about Dollface as if they had met her already. This is a clear sign that having a pen pal is not only fun but also a great learning experience for both kids about friendship.

Snail Mail pals FEB
They loved to see how her hands were traced on their hug string craft and little man said “mom they’re like me”

Snail Mail pals FEB
They attacked the chocolates and we are waiting to play our game we are happy to add this to our collection
Little Lady was confused about the painting sheets she didn’t understand how she was going to get the paint off the paper. I explained to her we needed water and a paint brush but she is still very curious. Sounds like we have an interesting art project ahead.

As you heard in the video the beautiful Jar that carried our hug from Dollface was as little lady states “What she always wanted” I think we will be treasuring this for a long time.
Snail Mail pals FEB
The kids value what Dollface sends and makes for them just as much as what they send her way. We are happy for another successful SnailMailPals Package!

Thank you DollFace we loved everything!!!!

Head on over to Painting Mariposas in the Sky to see what we sent DollFace!

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