With All my heart Pancakes


Little Man and Little Lady LOVE pancakes. I try “with all my heart” to make the perfect pancakes for them. Because if they could. they would  have them for breakfast everyday they would.

I’ve never been one to perfect the circle shaped pancakes but with the help of some cookie cutters I was totally able to make heart shaped ones for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s what I used to make my heart shaped pancakes

pancake mix | Heart shaped cookie cutters | food coloring

Prepare your batter as stated on the packaging and add food coloring to your liking once it’s mixed. I used a little coloring to make a sweet pink color. I also buttered my pan and placed the cookie cutter. I realized that buttering the actual sides of the cookie cutter works best.

To make the hearts slowly pour in batter. I used a spoon to spread it evenly. Since the butter on the edges helps slide the cookie cutter away do so when the top of your pancake has bubbled enough. and flip over.
The perfect pancake needs to be flipped over just once!

Serve and be ready to enjoy!


Little Man & Little Lady,
I love you both “With all my heart”

I served the kiddos their breakfast as you can see they wanted to eat rather than take pictures.

Make these pancakes anytime of the year not just on Valentine’s. Remind those you love just how much you do love them with all your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day GUB Readers!

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