Create Your Own Primavera Bloom

spring craft

Spring is days away and the kids and I are about to make these awesome Primavera- Spring Flower Crafts!

I created this craft sometime last year unfortunately, the kids were too little to participate. Now that the kids can uses scissors (kind of) this is the perfect Spring craft to get into.

This craft is very easy to create and the whole family can participate.
To create you own Primavera Bloom here is what you need:

  1. Card stock- patterned and in pastel colors
  2. Pipe cleaners- In green
  3. Adhesive- tape or strong glue works best
  4. Tissue paper- optional for decor
  5. Small box(pictured above is half a girl scout cookies box wrapped in patterned paper.
  6. Ribbon- for a pretty bow

spring flower crafts

Roses: Each flower will need a 4”x 4” piece of paper

Leaves will need a 2”x 1” piece of paper

Cut a spiral shape on a 4” x 4” piece of paper.  Roll the end piece towards the inside of the spiral to create a rose bud shape. Cut a leaf out of a 2” x 1” piece of paper and glue it to the bottom of the flower. Insert a pipe cleaner through the middle of the rose. Roll the top of the pipe cleaner to create a knot and pull the remaining part of the pipe cleaner through the bottom of the flower to create a stem.

spring flower crafts

Tulips: Cut 3 circles (of approximately 2 inches) all the same size.  Fold each circle in half. Cut a “V” shape on both sides of the crease to create a tulip shape. Glue together one half at a time. Before gluing the last flap of the flower add extra glue and insert the pipe cleaner. Close the flap and trim the flower so that it’s perfectly symmetrical.

Make a variety of flowers in different sizes with different patterns and colors of paper. Assemble them in a box or vase to bring some spring beauty into your home.

For more Spring Crafts to do with your kids Read 5 Latino-Inspired Spring Crafts for Kids at

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