How we talk about Mixed Heritage #GUBMixedHeritage

We’ve come to the conclusion of our dedicated Mixed Heritage week Celebration. I quickly learned that “How we talk about Mixed Heritage” was beginning to be a conversation among many of my parent blogger friends. Many didn’t know such a celebration was even happening. I was overjoyed at the support and knew this was definitely was going to be a great start to an annual celebration here on GUB.

I decided to ask a few in my online community of friends the following questions.
See what they had to say!

I think celebrating Mixed Heritage is important because it shows that we need to accept both sides of ourselves. I believe too often Multicultural children are forced to pick one side over the other which is a travesty. It is events like this that make people proud of where they came from and a projects a positive light on mixed race and identity.
- Jessica, Tejana Made

I love that there is a week dedicated to “all of us”, but sad that it can’t be longer.  Sadder that I only learned about it last year
-Lily, Adventures of a Military Family of 8

I love celebrating heritage and cultures, so an entire week dedicated to celebrating mixed heritage is great! What a wonderful opportunity to learn, talk about, and celebrate the richness of being a multicultural home.
-Melanie Edwards, ModernMami

I think celebrating mixed heritage is very important. In order to truly understand ourselves as individuals, we must seek our roots, our heritage. Children should feel proud of being diverse because there is so much beauty in diversity. The world would be boring if we were all the same.
-Rachel, The Digital Latina

I honestly only heard about Mixed Heritage Week from you and I’m happy I did – our family has been mixed for almost 100 years and it truly has made for an amazing family history.
-Xenia, Raised by Culture

The kids learn about their roots mostly through food and through stories that I tell them. I try to talk a lot about what we use to do in Venezuela and when I make them Venezuelan food I make sure to let them know where does it come from, in the future I want to teach them how to make it too.
-Dariela, MamiTalks

My husband background is Scottish and German, and I’m Peruvian. We talk a lot about our mixed culture, we read books about the Incas of Perú, we go to Scottish festivals, and we listen to music from South América. By now my kids are very proud of their mixed heritage. They say it’s fun because they get to try things that many of their friends don’t.

-Silke, Mama Latina en Philly

 I plan to read books to her about both of her heritages & learn Spanish to speak to her. I want to celebrate all the holidays and celebrations so that she can become connected to both sides. I didn’t have that opportunity growing up. We have so many things at our finger tips to teach our children. In her case we will celebrate Cinco De Mayo & any other Mexican celebrations there are. As well as black history month & MLK day. And anything she’d like to learn about. 
-Jenda, Jendalynne Photography

My husband is Mexican and shares a lot of his culture with my boy. I also teach him about Venezuela and living in Miami where there is such a large community of Latinos it is easy to pass down our culture. We’ve also taken him to visit Venezuela and México and hope to take him again soon.
-Helena, Pink Guayoyo

Having my family be Mixed Heritage has been a wonderful experience. It has lead me to begin this blog, to learn about my husband’s ancestors and even celebrate Mixed Heritage week with wonderful people via social media. I will continue to share through GUB, how the hubs and I teach Little Man and Little Lady about their roots and to be proud.
I can’t thank you enough to everyone who supported and participated in our #GUBMixedHeritageWeek Celebration. It was wonderful to see your tweets and messages on FB but most of all the beautiful faces of all the families and children. 
Big thanks to all the bloggers above for sharing their thoughts with us. Be sure to visit their blogs and learn more about their Mixed Heritage families!

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