DIY Dia Del Niño Piñata Bags

dia del niño piñata bags

I am so excited to celebrate Dia del Niño with Little Man and Little Lady this year because they finally are understand and remembering what we celebrate! They are slowly picking up more words and Spanish too.

Dia del niños is celebrated in Mexico on April 30th. It is the day all children are honored.

I decided to create this craft before we go on vacation so that I have something from dad and I when we are away from home.

This a simple craft inspired by The Journals of Giddy Giddy’s Monster Piñata Bags
I’ve seen various styles of this bag but was loving the bright colors and instantly thought of Dia Del Niño!

Here is what you need to make these Piñata Bags

dia del niño piñata bags_supplies
1-Tissue paper appx. 12 strips measuring 1.5 inches wide Length depends on your bag of choice
2-Adhesive- we used Elmers School Glue
3-Scissors- please supervise kids if you are letting them do this craft
4-A bag we used a small gift bag but brown paper bags or lunch bags work great

Let’s make this Dia del Niño Craft

dia del niño piñata bags_diy
-Cut the strips a little longer than your bag.
-Cut fringes in any shape desired.
-Adhere to the bag starting at the bottom
-Layer over leaving the fringe peaking thru.
-Do this until bag is completely covered

Embellish your Piñata Bag

dia del niño piñata bags_embellish copy

We printed our a picture of each of the kids added a paper hat with some left over fringe.
We also added a little label flag and personalized it.

Let them dry over night. Fill with a special surprise and Gift to a special boy or girl!

Do you celebrate Dia del Niño?

Read my latest post on to see more DIYs to celebrate Dia De Los Niños

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