Si Se Puede a Cesar Chavez Felt Storyboard

cesar chavez felt storyboard

After much chaos this weekend about the google doodle honoring Cesar Chavez I felt I needed to share my thoughts and teach my kids about who he was. He’s always been a very important person to my Mexican roots but today as I spoke with my parents I learned just the extent that he meant to our family.

I decided to create another Felt storyboard much like the MLK Felt Storyboard for Black History from months past.

The kids still haven’t seen it but this will be a big conversation in our home today.

cesar chavez si se puede

A little background info on my grandparents:
Tata(mom’s dad) originally from Jalisco migrated to work the fields in Oceanside, CA in 1940’s under the Bracero program. He  traveled most of Southern California picking tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce, corn and potatoes. When the Bracero program ended he made the choice to stay with the hope of gaining proper documentation and a stable job in the fields under better conditions.He later was able to travel back and forth to Mexico and the U.S. He moved his family(father, mother and brothers+ sisters) closer to the border where he later also started his own family. Soon enough he was moving his family to California.

Abuelito(dad’s dad) migrated to Hidalgo, Texas from Zacatecas in the 1950’s. He was about 17 years of age when he traveled alone for work through the Bracero program. After about 5+ years he decided to return to Mexico. He never returned to the States. He started a family in Tijuana, Mx.

Had my Tata not stayed I am sure my family would have still been in Mexico. I am thankful for all Cesar Chavez did for the opportunities and the fight for our rights!

Learn more about why we should pay tribute to Cesar Chavez in my recent post at Babble.

p.s. I should have a template for this storyboard up later so stay tuned. I’ll be sure to update this with a template and the kids reaction to the felt storyboard 

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  1. Sarah says

    Did you ever make a template for this storyboard (Cesar Chavez)? If so I would love to see it!

    Thank you!

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