A Little Lady in Her Own Way

a little lady in her own way

There are times when I feel I am constantly playing catch up with my kids, especially Little Lady.
She is soon to be 4 years old but really I feel like she is going on 15! I feel like I was just swaddling her to sleep and preparing her a bottle and now she’s off putting on her shoes to run out and play with her brother and neighbors! She really a Little Lady in her own way.

I can’t remember when her personality, style, and conversations developed into this sassy + feisty little lady. She has definitely grown much faster than Little Man not that i’m comparing I just thought for sure she’d be our little baby girl much longer.

Still I realize the exact things that drive me up the wall with her are the things I’d never change. She has become her own and I love that about her.

little lady going on 15
This month we’ve been dealing with

  1. Style for days- Such a plus that she can dress herself and actually put together a matching outfit but she can drive me nuts looking for the perfect one. One that feels good, looks good, and matches. 
  2. Picky Eater- Some days she’s game for anything I serve other days she’d rather live off pb no j sandwiches or ham and cheese. 
  3. I Can’t- She has become the master at saying I can’t before she even tries. It’s not that she can’t she just doesn’t want to. 
  4. Daddy will save the day- She won’t get her way with me so she goes over to daddy to get her way. Little does she know daddy and I are on the same team so if mom or dad say no it means NO!
  5. Talking back – She feels she needs to explain everything even when we tell her enough she’s in trouble its over decisions have been made! She still feels she needs to say “but that’s why” or “you’re not listening to me…” YA!
Need I remind you she’s going to be 4 years old!
While she does make parenting a challenge she definitely is the first to tell you when things go wrong or if she feels someone needs a hug or some love. She still apologizes to her brother with a hug and a kiss and she misses him just as much as when she was a baby and he’d walk away from her sight.

Her attitude is a work in progress but I appreciate her determination and independency. She’s my little princess and daddy’s girl! But this fantasy world of her needs to insert mom and dad as the parent’s too or she’s going to find herself explaining her dilemma while on punishment.

Is my kid the only one that thinks she’s the boss around here?

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