Chicken Chipotle Chicharron Crispers #Recipe #GUBMiCulturaMexicana


Continuing on with our Mi Cultura Mexicana in honor of Mexican Independence Day, I created this dish for my family.

The kids love chicken fingers and dad and I love the flavors of chipotle so to bring a little of my culture I decided to recreate those yummy Chicharron Coated Chicken Fingers my dad helped me create during the summer in California. YUM!

chicken chipotle chicharron crispers

These Chicken Chipotle Chicharron {pork rind } crispers were a total hit with the family. I didn’t use too many chipotle chiles so the flavor was just nice for the whole family.

To make these you will need

Ingredients for Chicken:
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - ingredients
You will need

  • 3-6 chopped Chipotle Chiles. We used the a small can of chiles and only used 3 for this recipe. The more you use the more kick you will have. 
  • 1 cup of Buttermilk
  • 1 lb of thin sliced chicken breast strips

**not listed – vegetable oil for frying your crispers.

Create your marinade batter:
Liquify your chipotle chiles
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - chipotle chiles to liquify

Add you buttermilk
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - chipotle chiles and buttermilk

Liquify together
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - chipotle chiles to liquify with buttermilk

Pour over your chicken in a plastic container with a lid. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. The more you let it soak in the more flavor your chicken will have.
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - chicken in chipotle sauce

Flour mixture ingredients:
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - chicharron flour mixture
You will need:

  • 1 medium bag of pork rinds “Chicharrones”
  • 1 cup of whole wheat or all purpose flour
***At this time prepare your oil for frying or coat your pan for baking.  We fried so have your oil consistently hot at medium heat. ***

Smash your chicharrones to a dust like texture mix in the flour and shake to combine.
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - mix flour

Remove your chicken from refrigerator. Remove one strip at a time from the batter
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - remove from chipotle sauce

Roll in flour chicharron mixture and fully coat all sides.
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - roll in chicharron flour

Immediately move chicken into oil and fry.
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - deep fry

Once all your chicken has been friend ENJOY!
The kiddos loved their chicken crispers!
chicken chipotle chicharron crispers - ready to enjoy

What are some of your favorite family dinner dishes?
Have any been inspired by your culture?

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