Kids Craft: DIY Mini Piñata

GUBlife mi cultura mexicana

Today Little Lady and I made a cool craft perfect for Mexican Independence Day Celebration- A DIY Mini Piñata!
Piñatas were a huge part of my childhood as they are of our culture so I wanted to create a little something to get the festivies started this weekend. What is a fiesta without a piñata and confetti?

diy mini fiesta pinata

Make your own DIY Mini Piñata

diy mini fiesta pinata supplies

  • Tissue paper- get patriotic with Green, White and Red for the mexican flag!
  • Scissors
  • Carboard- we used a mailing box
  • Tape- washi tape works great 
  • Glue stick
  • A circle shape- we used a cut out that measured 2.5 inches in diameter
  • balloon string – not pictured
Let’s make these mini piñatas!
Trace 2 circles for each piñata

diy mini fiesta pinata pics 006
We traced 4 circles for 2 piñatas

Cut a long strip about 1 inch in width and tape it to your circle.
diy mini fiesta pinata pics 009

Continue to tape the long strip around making sure it is secure
diy mini fiesta pinata pics 011

You will end up with a cup like shape. Attach your second circle
diy mini fiesta pinata pics 014
Be sure to secure it with tape in the inside and outside.

Attach your balloon string. This will allow your kids to be able to open the pinata with ease.
diy mini fiesta pinata pics 002
To make this: gather string and use your tape to hold it all together on one end. Attach it to the lid like part of your piñata on the inside with tape.

Cut strips of tissue paper about 4inches long and at least .5 inches in width
diy mini fiesta pinata pics 004
With your glue stick adhere tissue with no fringe on the outer edge to cover any tape.

Fringe your tissue paper and start glueing it to either side of your piñata.
diy mini fiesta pinata pics 008
Be sure to start at the bottom and work your way up. I like to adhere a non fringed piece first and then add the fringe tissue over it.

Once you’ve finished filling up one side with fringe cut the excess off carefully on the edges.
diy mini fiesta pinata pics 015
Repeat the same thing on the reverse side.

Use the excess tissue you cut off and cut into smaller pieces. Now you have some awesome matching confetti fill up your piñata!
diy mini fiesta pinata pics 016
Gently push your lid in. If you need to trim the edges of your lid do so carefully. We trimmed enough to keep the lid pushed in.

Now wait for the celebration and have your littles toss the confetti in the air
Yell “Viva Mexico”
diy mini fiesta pinata with a surprise
Little Lady wanted to fill her piñata with her favorite mini toys after we celebrated!

It makes the best little keepsake as well!

Are you ready to celebrate el dia de la Independencia?

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