The GUB Family does Six Flags Fright Fest

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored. I was invited as Media to Six Flags Fright Fest.

Going to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is one of the highlights of the fall season for our family.

six flags great adventure fright fest New Jersey

It’s the one place where the whole family gets loads of fun. The kids enjoy the Thrills by day while Dad and I face our fears during Fright by night.

six flags fright fest bloddy fountain

During the day we explore the park and do our traditional photo of the kids in front of the bloody fountain. I think this is one of the few things they aren’t afraid of. They get spooked easy but the fountain is a total favorite! Six Flags does a great job at separating thrills by day and transitioning into Fright by night.

six flags fright fest trick or treat trail

Little Man and Little Lady always get the best treats on their trick or treat trail. We love documenting our visit with photos and we love that the characters are out giving the treats!

six flags fright fest treats

This year peeps, mike and ikes and hot tamales were some of the treat supplies on the trail. We love peep ghosts! Check out this super cute hot chocolate with peeps. Too cute!

six flags fright fest fun

We continued our day playing games and riding rides. Once 5pm came along we sent the kids home with grand-mommy so that dad and I can enjoy Fright by Night!

six flags fright fest

The monsters came out in their grand parade and performed an amazing show to get the festivities going. The hubs and I were to excited to get the maze thrills going.

six flags fright fest 2013

We experienced all the mazes and by far the asylum was our favorite. They had a new blackout maze that is crazy dark and you must travel through it in a group holding a rope with a leader with a tiny flashlight! I lived though and it was amazingly fun!

six flags fright fest 2013 family fun

Fright fest is a must for all families. A little spook never hurt anyone.

Fright Fest is in season at Six Flags Great Adventure now through 10/27
for more information visit Fright Fest

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored. I was invited as Media to Six Flags Fright Fest. The above are my true an honest opinions. 

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