5 Reasons I Am An Involved Parent

When my son entered school I was as anxious as if I was starting school for the first time. I was nervous for him to ride the bus alone, to be in a place without anyone he knew, and of being scared. I knew I had to put my feelings aside and let him go. He was officially growing up and starting a new chapter of life!

I vowed to be present but to let him explore and learn. I wanted to be involved but let him be independent. I’ve stayed true to my word.

little man and momma field trip

He recently had a field trip where we as parents were asked if we wanted to chaperon. I asked Little Man if he wanted me to be a part of his trip. He was so excited I wanted to come to his field trip. I learned he is a very different kid at school. He has many friends and is just a bit more shy. His manners are amazing and he loves his teacher so much.

little man field trip

He was officially a school kid, but nothing could have prepared me for the words he uttered one day to me “Mom the kids on the bus are mean” “I don’t want to go on the big bus can you pick me up” “They ripped my book” My heart broke!

little man

My child is timid and shy he let’s his sister be bossy so he’s use to giving in. I can’t imagine what goes on during his bus ride home it isn’t that far from school and while I don’t think he is getting bullied I am cautious that this could lead to that if I sit back and do nothing.

Here are 5 reasons why I am an involved parent!
1-My children are small and sometimes they don’t know what is right from wrong.

2-It is still my responsibility as a parent when they are in school to be present and involved when certain events happen.

3-It’s important to know what things my kids are up to while not overshadowing their decisions and taking over their space.

4-I want to be the first to know when something is not ok wiht my child.

5- I want my child to know I am present. I want them to have confidence to tell me things and not be afraid or think I won’t understand.

I have seen how not being in the know of what goes on at school can have an affect on kids wanting attention and spiral them down a dark hole. While my son may not have my attention at all times he knows he can count on his parents.

I love that my son was able to be open and share how he feels about certain things with school. It is my responsibility to make him feel safe and to protect him.

While I know it’s impossible to be in control, being present is good enough for my family and being involved shows how much we care to our kids.

How do you stay involved as a parent?

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