DIY Thankful Tree + Printable

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

Every year at Thanksgiving dinner our family gathers around and gives thanks individually. As much as we talk about being thankful and appreciating what we work hard for and the opportunities our family has the kids still haven’t quite understood what it means to be thankful.
This year I decided to create a craft that is easy to recreate with materials you already have at home if not a very affordable craft. I made a Thankful tree. My idea was to have the kids fill a leaf everyday for something they are thankful for. The hubs and I loved hearing what the kids were thankful for and decided to join in to fill our thankful tree.

To create one of your own you will need:


•A cork board or Elmer’s Cork Foam Board available at Walmart in the craft department in packs of two!





•Glitter glue- Another Elmer’s product available at Walmart (This glitter glue has NO fall out worth every penny!)

•Cardstock in three colors Red Yellow and Orange

•Leaf Pattern Download yours below


We printed our leafs directly onto our colored cardstock. You can print them out once and trace them on to your colored cardstock too. Cut out as many leaves as you’d like. We printed out 2 sheets of each color for a total of 24 leaves to get started.


Trace a hand using the yarn and secure it with thumbtacks. I traced one of the kids hands because it was cuter than my big hand.

Once all the leaves are cut, make them festive add some glitter glue.

TIP: Spread the glue around on one side or in different places of the leaves. Watch how the leaves curl as they dry. The thinner the coat of glitter glue the better.


Have the family place a leaf on the tree everyday with something they are thankful for or have your dinner guest on Thanksgiving fill your tree!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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