Holiday Craft: DIY Ornament Snowman

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.


The holidays are in full swing at our home and we’ve been busy doing all kinds of holiday crafts. We recently went shopping at Walmart to pick up a few things for our tree and I saw these HUGE ornaments. I thought We could totally make a snowman out of those. And we did! It turned out amazing and it was a family craft  everyone pitched in!

To make this DIY Ornament Snowman you will need:

  • 3-large shatterproof ornaments- These came in a 3pk from Walmart and they were under $8.
  • Tinsel Garland- for the scarf
  • 2- sheets of foam – black and orange- for the hat and nose
  • 2 large black buttons-  for the eyes
  • bag of small black buttons- for base and snowman dress up
  • Red embroidery string- for the hat and mouth
  • Christmas drape- optional for decorative fun
  • Glue Gun- not pictured 
  • scissors

Let’s get started!

The first step is an adult step so be very cautious when doing this step.  We had dad take charge on this part.
Remove the hardware off each ornament to expose the ornament hole.
Using your scissors or any other tool remove the bud to get a clean hole on your ornament this will be your base.
Do not remove the bud off the middle ornament instead insert it into the base.

TIP: you will need to shave around the hole to make it a little wider. This is why working with shatterproof ornaments is important.
Make a hole at the top or your middle ornament and inset your last ornament this will be the head.

Adding the base:

Using buttons have your kids make a circle. Sit your snowman on top and see if it can stay up on the buttons.
TIP: push buttons in to tuck under the snowman this will help it balance.
Once you got your snowman to balance Remove snowman add some glue with your glue gun and set your snowman back on to the buttons and hold for a few seconds. Be sure to protect your working area glue can get messy.

Top hat:

To make your snowman’s top hat you will use your black foam sheet. Fold in half horizontally like you were making a greeting card and cut. Take one of the halves and fold again making another small card.
Take your scissors and cut an L shape away from the crease when you open it you will have a top hat shape. Trim if to make your desired hat.

Take the additional black foam half and cut 2 long thin strips they don’t have to be perfect. Glue them to the back of your hat to create a band to hold hat in place on your snowman.

Flip it over and measure red string for trim on your hat. Flip over again and glue in place on each edge.
Take the black strips of foam, measure around snowman’s head and glue only the two strips to be able to remove hat when necessary.

Let’s decorate!

Now that our snowman is standing tall with his hat on it’s time to add some eyes, a nose, mouth, scarf and buttons down his belly. Have the kids pick out how they want to dress their snowman. Here is how we decorated ours:
Glue the eyes right under the top hat.
Braid some of your red string and glue edges onto the snowman
Take some orange foam and roll it to form a carrot-like nose. Fold on the edges and glue securely on to snowman.
Add some tinsel garland for a scarf
Glue buttons down his belly.

All done!


Little Lady was so proud of our snowman! She sat with him by our chimney as we added lights and more decor to our home.


Here is where our Ornament Snowman sits next to his own little Christmas tree!

How are you decorating your home for the holidays?

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