Posada: DIY Felt Tambourine

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

In the Mexican culture a Posada is the equivalent of caroling only more like a party at every stop!!
While Posadas aren’t held by our local communities it’s important to me to keep up the tradition with my kids and we have a mini posada party at home.

During a Posada  there is music and sing alongs. To acompany any song and to keep to the beat I thought it would be fun to create Felt Posada Tambourines for the whole family.

To make this easy Posada DIY you will need:
DIY Posada Tambourine_supplies
My supplies were available at Walmart in the crafts department. This DIY was less than $11 to make!

  • Felt Base- in any shape and color $1.97 each at Walmart
  • Glitter Poms $2.47 at Walmart
  • Jingle Bells $2.97 at Walmart
  • Bead wire $2.97 at Walmart
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher- the smaller the hole the better

Let’s get started!
DIY Posada Tambourine_ punch holes in felt base

Punch holes around your felt base. We left a space between each hole of approximately 1.5-2 inches.

DIY Posada Tambourine_bells on wire

Adults- Cut wire about 2 inches long

For each wire you will need one glitter pom any size and one jingle bell

DIY Posada Tambourine_pom on wire

Kids pass the poms and jingle bells thru the wire. The poms are very easy to poke through the wire and the bells have a place for them to be attached to crafts.

DIY Posada Tambourine_secure wire

Secure the wire onto the felt base. we twirled it around a bit until secure.

TIP: Adults carefully cut off the excess wire to have a clean finish

DIY Posada Tambourines

Continue the steps until all your holes have a pom and jingle bell through them.
Make your as colorful as you want. Our glitter poms pack had 5 different shapes and colors!

Make different shaped tambourines for everyone in the family. Skip the poms and add two jingle bells for more noise!

DIY Posada Tambourine_ Posadas with kids

Now let’s get ready to make music for our next Posada!

¡Felices Fiestas!

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