DIY: Game Day Bingo


Every year for Game Day the family gets together and watches the game. If your family is like ours then you’ll need something to entertain the kids for a while. Here is a great DIY activity for the kids for the Big Game Day!

Make this easy Game Day Bingo 
2-Cardstock 12×12
Beans or cereal puffs
Download free template: Game Day Bingo

Let’s make this Game Day Bingo
First Cut your 12×12 cardstock. You can trace the shape in the template provided or you can free hand it like I did. I cut 2 inches off one side of the 12 x 12 then cut it in half. Each half was then cut into 3 even squares. This will create a game of 6.


Trace and cut the footballs. With the marker label your game day cards. We called ours Big Game Day Bingo.


In the middle create the football lace with one long line and 3 others over it.  Write GAME in each section like the picture provided.

In our template we provided a number sequence for the game plus cards. If you wish to make more or free hand it just keep in mind that instead of using the word BINGO and several lines we are using GAME and whoever finishes the line first and yells GAME DAY wins!


Use cereal or beans as markers. Play several times to keep your kids entertained during Game Day!

What are your plans for the big Game Day? 

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