Mexican Tradition: Ring Kissing

One of the things the hubs and I always talk about are the many Mexican traditions in celebrations, lifestyle and even habits with interacting with others that I follow. We talk about how they differ from his and how we were raised different. Everything from a greeting to Showing respect  which is a huge part of our culture. I’ve shared with him that there are some many things we do that I was never taught but it kinda went without saying.

When it comes to raising our kids the hubs and I try to have reason and explain to the kids  our traditions and why we do what we do. We feel it not only helps them to make things a habit but also what culture it pertains to. Kissing rings isn’t one of them though.


When I was little my dad first told me he use to kiss his grandparent’s ring  when he greeted them as a sign of respect. I thought, how odd. Hearing my dad talk about how life was different growing up stayed with me. It really helped me appreciate where I come from and how our Mexican culture truly values our people.

I remember attending a party in Mexico and my dad determined that we begin to kiss my grandmother’s ring to show respect like he once did. He wanted to teach us and bring the old with the new.  I agreed and hoped he’d never ask again. It’s not that I didn’t want to show respect but being a teenager kissing rings just felt weird.

I share all this because Little Lady has picked up a habit recently and I want to think it’s my own culture haunting me for all the times I was a brat to my parents requests. All jokes aside it’s just creepy to have my kids run up and grab my hand and kiss my ring.


Little Lady is already pretty attached I know when she comes up to hug me or caress me that she needs mommy and daughter time. But this recent thing of kissing my wedding ring, well it is just new and so random.

I don’t know if she watched a show or heard someone talk about this she just started doing it. I finally asked her today during a quiet moment between the both of us, why she wanted to kiss my ring finger. Her reply, “it’s because I love you mama and I want to kiss your ring” I could only laugh I mean how do you tell a child that says they do it because they love you to stop being creepy. You just can’t Plus she’s always been fascinated with my ring and she does ask if daddy got my ring at the mall kiosk that sells jewelry every time we pass by. But I refuse to be mean to her so I let her kiss my ring. Of course not before snapping some pictures to share with my parents.

Have your kids ever picked up some weird habits that had you mind boggled? Please do share!

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