Ruby Bridges Felt StoryBoard

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Teaching the kids about Black History is something the hubs and I take great pride in. It’s been a learning process for me as I research to learn and find new ways to teach the kiddos about Black History. With important stories about MLK Jr. and Ruby Bridges, the kids have learned a lot about Black History for their age.

In the past books and tv shows have been great but I’ve learned my kids are visual like me and they need to see  and sometimes feel how stories are told. This is why storyboards have been a great asset to learning about history and traditions for our cultures.

This week we learned about Ruby Bridges, the brave little girl.  I set out to Walmart earlier in the week to gather my supplies and I was happy to purchase a new board and affrodable felt from their craft and fabric department. My supplies were less than $15 so I hope this inspires you to teach your kids about history at a very affordable price!

To make this story board you will need:
Reusable Felt board
Project board 3 fold by Elmers
felt from fabric department at walmart measuring 1.125yd for green and black for road
tacky glue

Ruby Bridges characters + buildings
2- 12pk assorted colored felt less than $3 a pack at Walmart
Tacky Glue
Template Free Ruby Bridges  Download here
Yarn for hair- optional you can also use felt!


Cut all your pieces from template according to preferable color and glue together.
Here is Ruby’s House, Ruby an her parents.


Here is Ruby being escorted to school with  U.S. Marshalls while protesters shout at her


The kids and I talked about Ruby Bridges and how brave she was. I told them her story and shared why every piece of felt cut was important.

I shared about the state where this all took place and the time in history! We spoke about Louisiana and how it is a Southern State and how this use to be in the south.

We talk about skin color and why being “colored” or black wasn’t accepted. I asked the kids questions about how they thought Ruby might have felt. Was she sad, angry, confused, lonely?

In the end of our story I let the kids free play I had them tell me parts of the story they remembered Little Lady picked up Mrs. Henry Ruby’s teacher and Ruby’s mother and said “they are friends now right mama” I smiled and nodded.

I know storyboards are a great asset to our learning and exploring of Black History!

How do you teach Black History to your kids?

Pin this DIY felt storyboard for later! 

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