5 Reasons Every Family Should Watch The Lego Movie

Disclosure: We were invited to this screening and provided passes all opinions are my own.

This past weekend we were invited to an advance screening of The Lego Movie! We loved the movie so much we can’t wait to watch it again!

We have raved so much about the movie It really was fun for the whole family. Here are 5 great reasons every family should watch The Lego Movie!

It’s awesome to watch in 3-D even for little kids. 
I was surprised to see the kids enjoy wearing the glasses for this 3d film It wasn’t too busy and scary. Not to mention I didn’t feel like I was going to get sick. We loved the movie.

It teaches kids about finding what makes them special
A big part of this film was about learning about feeling special I won’t say any more. Little Man really understood the characters in The Lego Movie

It shows how Lego has evolved over time with multiple characters fun for both collectors and dreamers
This is true. The hubs is now considered a collector at least in my eyes and well seeing how much he enjoyed spotting Lego series he owns was fun. It also gave little man our dreamer with a huge imagination learn about new legos and when we went to the lego store he tried to recreate many of the minifigs he saw.

It’s funny- both the kids and us as parents laughed just as much.
The movie was so much fun but i loved how many times we all laughed. There was enough things we could all laugh at and understand The movie was fun and silly in all the right places.

It teaches kids about teamwork
The best part of the movie was learning about teamwork. There are many scenarios that teamwork played a big part and it was great to see it in a film my kids loved so much.

Here is to hoping for a sequel! Remember The Lego Movie hit’s theaters February 7th! Be sure to make it a family outing you won’t regret it!!!

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