Black History: Discussing Skin Color with Kids

I’ve mentioned before that Little Lady believes many things because she is daddy’s color skin and that Little Man being my completion is a result of many other things. We’ve tried to talk about skin color without trying to get to political or overwhelmingly negative talking about stereotypes and nonsense.

The hubs has always mentioned how in his family everyone is different shades but all the same. I took share how my brothers and I are very different but all the same.

I wanted a more kid-friendly way to remind them about diversity in our skin color and I made these Rice Krispie people in chocolate and regular. I laid them out as a snack and began to have a discussion.

black history discussing skin color with kids- delicious

Before I let the kids go after a treat I asked “What do you see?”
“Snacks mama!” Little Lady replied
Little Man said “Gingerbread krispie people”

I smiled and said “ya what color?”

Little Man said “Black and Yellow”
Little Lady said “White and Chocolate”

I said “Ya do they look the same”
Both nodded

I said “You know, They maybe different colors but inside all the same… Like us right? Different colored skin.  Do you want to try… you’ll see they are the same inside… so delicious!”

They each picked one of each and did a test! Both tasted the same just as delicious as the next and again they were reminded with such a simple snack how people maybe different colors like them but inside all the same.

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