DIY: Valentine No-Sew T-shirt Bag

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 


My girly girl loves Valentine’s day mostly for all the pink things at the stores. I wanted to make something different with her. She’s been into wearing my purse latley and she loves carrying a tiny one of her own that can hardly zip up because of all her treasures. I thought a simple No-sew T-shirt bag would be perfect for our Valentine DIY this year.

To make this cool DIY Valentine bag you will need:
-T-shirt new or old. Walmart Craft department has youth and adult sizes for as little as $3.47
-Puffy Paint- Make it fun with glitter paint or Glow in the dark paint!

This DIY can cost less than $10 to make! Check out the assorted fabric paint at Walmart’s Craft department for all your DIY crafts!

Cut your T-shirt:

Cutting the t-shirt is easy. There is no need to be perfect.

Start by cutting three strips off the bottom of your shirt no more than and inch each. They can vary in size just try to keep them somewhat straight.

Next cut the sleeves off Leave a little of the sleeve so that your bag sides aren’t too low.

Then cut the collar off. Just a u shape to start your bags look.


Next let’s knot the bag to close it and have it be able to hold all your little ones treasures!

Cut strips at the bottom about 1.5 inches  in thickness and about the same in length. These will be use to knot the bag closed.

Before you start knotting turn the shirt inside out we want all the knotting to be in the inside of the bag.

Start knotting and once done trim any of the fringes that are too long. Turn right side out. It should start looking like a bag!


Cut the 3 strip on one side to create long strips. These will be braided for the strap of your bag.


Knot all 3 strips of fabric on one side leaving at least 3 inches to later use to tie onto your bag.

Braid all three strips together leaving an additional 3 inches at the end knot again to secure the braid.


Tie the strap onto one side of the bag You will knot to tie at least 4-6 times it’s ok to trim any long strips if you’d like. Do the same to the other side.


Last decorate your bag! Using puffy paint get creative I wrote a cute little message for little lady’s valentine bag and added a nice valentine that will be sure to glow!

Let it dry at least 5 hours or overnight!


Once dry it’s time to fill up with treasures! We hope your make this easy DIY no-sew T-shirt bag!

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  1. Denise Wadsworth says

    Thank you SO MUCH for showing me a way to do this without a sewing machine! I’ve been looking for a way to do this for an Earth Day project at school. I really appreciate it!

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