Little Man’s First T-Ball Practice

little man tee ball days_first practice

When we signed Little Man up for T-ball I was beyond excited. He’s always showed interest in throwing a ball and swinging the bat when we get to play outdoors.

He came home from school telling us about a flyer he received for little league sign ups the hubs and I knew this was the perfect time to get him involved in sports.

little man tee ball days

His first practice was this weekend. We took him to the store a day before to get him his very own bat, ball and official league balls. He was so excited! I can’t even explain the smile that has been on his face since.

I snapped a few pictures of him right before practice. He held his glove and ball tight in his little hands!

little man tee ball days_happy playing sports

Practice was indoors It’s still snowing in Jersey and the fields are just not safe to play in. Little Man got a little quiet and I worried as we entered the huge gym and saw more than 60 kids and their families waiting to practice.

When they called all the kids up with no hesitation, Little Man waved and was off to join the groups.
When he came up to bat he smiled back at us and that smile never left his face! He was so happy!

I kept snapping pictures and saying to the hubs “oh my heart” I was a proud mama!

little man tee ball days_batter batter swing

He had an amazing swing and he’s working on his catching but he throws like a champ! I may be bias but hey I just might have a future DODGER on my hands!

Can’t wait for the season to start. The whole family is excited to see him play. I am still biting my nails to hear what team he gets on Whatever it is I will cheer him on But how about we keep our fingers crossed that his first team be the DODGERS!

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