DIY: Pinch Proof Shamrock Pin

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.


When I was in elementary forgetting to wear green to school on St. Patrick’s Day happened a few times. I remember I got pinched so many times I wished I had found a luck Shamrock.

Now that Little Man is in school I try to plan ahead especially when it comes to holiday celebrations whether big or small I like for him to be able to participate and have fun.

This year I made our very own Pinch Proof Shamrock Pin. It’s easy to make and fun to put together!

-Glitter Foam Sheet
-Patterned paper or Cardstock- green in color or
-Felt also green in color
-Tacky Glue
-Adhesive Bar Pin
-Craft Template Download here it’s free!

The craft department at our local Walmart offers a variety of felt and pattern paper packs.
A 12pk of multi-colored felt cost as low as $3. Pattern paper packs starting at $5. Foam sheets for only $.77 cents.  Also Adhesive Bar Pins available by the beads and DIY jewelry,a pack of 20pc for only $2.


Print and cut your template shapes OR freehand your shapes and cut them.

One  Pattern paper circle measuring 1 3/4 inches
One Gold Glitter Foam circle measuring 2 1/2 inches
and a Felt Shamrock


Using glue- glue the pattern paper circle onto the golf glitter foam circle. Hold until to reassure it is glued.


Now glue your felt shamrock onto the circles. Let it dry and check to be sure it is glued firmly


Removed backing to reveal adhesive on back pin. Adhere to the back of your circles closer to the top.

All ready to wear! Little Man is officially Pinch Proofed!!!

Like our DIY Pin it for later use!


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