DIY Spring Break Craft: Spring Kites

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

Spring is almost here and we have the perfect DIY Spring craft to get the kids spring read! We made super easy kites!  We set out to get all our supplies at Walmart and even the hubs got excited about making these kites with us! Consider making this spring break craft with your kids!

The kids had a great time helping us put the kites together and even added their own personal touch!

You too can make these Spring Kites!
Here is what you need for Each Kite:
-Copper Wire – Walmart offers colored wire in various colors in their craft jewelry department.  We like the Cousin brand!
-Plastic Gift Wrap- Check Walmart’s seasonal area we found fun colors for Spring for only $1.47
-Curling ribbon- matching colors works best!
-Wire tool- We liked this 3-1 tool at Walmart
-tape- clear works best
-Empty toilet paper roll

Let’s make Spring Kites

Start by creating your desired shape. The kids wanted circled kites which actually work great.

Cut and secure your wired shape. You can make your kites as big as you’d like but be mindful of your supplies it’s best to keep the width of your kite the same as your plastic wrap if not smaller.

Next cut another piece of wire and secure at the middle of your shape. You can attach vertically or horizontally they both work well.


Next, cut out your plastic gift wrap to the same length as your wire leaving about 1/2 inch around. The more wire around the harder it can get to secure.


Roll your plastic around the wire and securely tape a few times. It should look like the photos above.


Now is the time to prepare any other kites you plan to make. We made 2 bases one for each of our kids. We also made them different colors we couldn’t resist the cute patterns!


Next  wrap your curing ribbon onto empty toilet paper rolls. These make great kite string spools! Secure your ribbon when you start with tape to prevent it from moving around.


Tie and knot your string end to the middle wire you added to your kite.A few knots will keep it in place.


Next cut 1/2 inch strips of plastic wrap and curling ribbon in various lengths!

DIY spring kites hanging decorations

Have the kids tape their decorations towards the bottom of your kite. These extra pieces make it more fun to see your kite fly. It adds such a whimsical look when flying.


This craft is perfect for indoors creating and outdoors playing. It will keep all kids busy indoors getting creative and also help burn off energy during time off for spring break.

We also like to think this DIY is great for sick little ones who can’t play outdoors. Little Lady enjoyed making her kite and while she couldn’t fly it she said she’d hand it by the window as a sun catcher. I thougth that was a great idea- a little big but great idea!

Let’s Go Fly our kites!

It helps to fly on a windy day. Our kites are light enough to be blown away and Little Man had such a great time trying to control and run with his.


We can’t wait til spring is officially here so we can fly our kites every day!!!

What do you do with your kids during spring break? Do you make DIYs and Crafts too?
Love our DIY Spring Kites? Pin them for later in your spring break craft board!


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