Kids: Little Lady has the Stomach Virus

The past 3 nights have been beyond stressful in our home. It’s been a long time since little lady was this sick thank goodness but at the same time it affects everyone so much!

Little Lady started complaining of a tummy ache before dinner on  Thursday. She normally complains when she doesn’t want to eat something but this time she seemed a little off and not as sassy.  She went on to play and even watch tv. Out of nowhere when we were getting ready for bed she began to vomit.

I thought well maybe she was right she looked terrible and only started to get worse she now had a fever. She went on to lay in bed felt much better after vomiting. Soon after in her sleep she began to choke on her vomit I freaked out of course the hubs wasn’t home.

We spent the rest of the night camped out by the restroom and it only go worse. She was miserable I felt helpless and finally the hubs came home so he could take her to ER. We feared this would be her second time getting food poison which really was the last time she was this ill.  Unfortunately hubs found out that she had caught a terrible stomach virus which honestly is as bad as food poison.

She came home sick unable to even drink water. She slept a lot and only got up to vomit. The day got worse her symptoms gave her diarrhea and honestly while dry heaving wasn’t even noticing that she was going poo. It was so sad I felt so worried. I knew she was getting dehydrated so when she started vomiting bile I rushed her to ER once again.

It turns out this is normal for the stomach virus. Doctors basically said that it varies with each case but they’ve seen it get worse by time and it’s no longer a 1 or 2 day of symptoms but rather 3-4. They did say she was mildly dehydrated and they witnessed her terrible dry heaves.

She was given zofran for the nausea and was monitored as she was rehydrated!!! I was giving her 45ml of fluid ever 10 minutes and I felt so sad because one of the symptoms would be that she’d ask for more and want it fast. She was so thirsty but giving her more would only lead us to the bathroom again.

Needless to say she is well now and thankfully no one else caught the contagious bug.

I spoke too soon! Little Man woke up at 4am vomiting. We have been 2 days sick free and now we are back to square one. Sometimes I wish the kids got sick together. I can handle at the same time.

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