Kids Say the Funniest Things PT.3

Kids say the funniest things

My kid does say the funniest things. It’s been a few weeks since she started saying the hubs was her baby daddy. Trust me I know! The first time I heard her say it I had to ask without laughing “What did you call him?” She repeated “Daddy is my Baby Daddy”

Again I was trying not to laugh but I must have had that look on my face because she began to tell me
“Mom, Daddy is my baby daddy! It’s my job to read him a book and tuck him in”

The hubs works nights so he sleeps most of the day. One day to keep Little Lady busy while I finished a project he asked her to read him a story and she said “Ok but then I have to tuck you in like a little baby”
The hubs agreed and thus he became her Baby Daddy!

I told the hubs You know she calls you her baby daddy we laughed about it and told him you can laugh now but you need to tell her not to call you that. He agreed

While at little man’s t-ball practice one Sunday she tells me in front of many parents “look over there brother thru the ball and my baby daddy caught it mom!” I almost died!

I told her quietly “you can’t call daddy that. You can call him a little baby at home but saying he’s your baby daddy means he’s married to you not me then he can’t be your daddy” She seemed to understand but I knew my explanation sucked.

After practice I told the hubs “the next time she tucks you in please correct her and just have her call you baby Marcus or something!”

Do your kids every say funny things? I am sure they do please share below would love to hear some funny stuff! 

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