Mixed Heritage Week: Sweet Grits Con La Lechera

As we continue our celebration of Mixed Heritage I think about how our everyday lives have been influenced by our heritage. The food  that we feed our family is influenced mainly by our heritage. Frow how we cook certain meals to what condiments make a dish, I always remember things of the past and the stories i’ve been told.

Being a bicultural family only adds to the richness of the stories and traditions. The hubs and I have combined many of our favorite dishes in meals and as a result new favorites have been created!


Our latest favorite is Sweet Grits! The hubs grew up eating grits mainly savory with egg and bacon. I will be honest the first time I tried the the texture alone threw me off however our kids LOVE grits!

Since then I have read of different ways grits are prepared and one day I told the hubs How about you make them sweet for me and maybe I will like them. With some left over Sweet Condensed Milk by La Lechera our Sweet Grits were born!

I grew up eating sweet delicious foods with Nestle’s La Lechera from cake to raspados topped with Lechera it brings me back to my days as a kid.

Here is what we use to make Sweet Grits:

Pretty Simple Quaker Grits and Nestle La Lechera sweet condensed milk That is it!

To make Sweet Grits:

We follow the measuring as stated on the packaging for grits as we cook the grits we add the sweet condensed milk

For one serving the packaging calls for 1 cup of boiling water to 1/4 cup of grits
once the water boils we stir in the grits and continue to heat on low we stir in about 4 table spoons of the sweet condensed milk (if you like it a little sweeter just add  about 1/2 of a 3.5oz mini La Lechera can)

Once the grits are done we remove from the stove, serve and top with some more La Lechera


While typically Grits are a breakfast food in the hubs family our Sweet Grits are the perfect dessert or late night snack.  One serving is just the perfect snack size for my little ones. They love grits both ways savory and sweet!


Do you have any dishes that share the perfect mix of your heritage like our Sweet Grits? 
We’d love to hear all about them!


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